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CALLER 1620: Thanks for your sound and caring advice. You are great! The best part about this service is I didnít need a credit card! LOVED IT!

CALLER 1921: - I was very impressed with my psychic Christine. She just started talking without my leading her to the conversation and was right on the money! She really gave me a lot of encouragement to continue with something very important to me for my future. thanks for a fantastic reading! More than FIVE STARS!!!

CALLER 761: Sara has been very helpful each time I have called. She gets right to the point and doesn't waste any time. She is accurate and tells it like it is. She is very encouraging. Thank you so much. --Will definitely call back many more times!!!

CALLER 333: Thanks for everything. I don't know any other words to describe my reading except REMARKABLE and ACCURATE. I appreciate your service so much. Thanks for everything and I will keep in touch.

CALLER 1375: AAA+++ psychic reading, you won't be disappointed!! I will be calling Psychic Jade back often! I wish I had more money to spend on my readings. WORTH IT BIG TIME!!!

CALLER 189: Tara was dead on as always! If you want honest answers make this call!

CALLER 460: My search is over! I have found the best psychic phone service! My psychic counselor deserves 50 stars...

CALLER 74: I don't need to tell you that these psychics are the them and judge for yourself! Always caring, loving, honest and 99% accurate.

CALLER 14: My psychic was the real thing! Not a phony! she was great to talk to. helped me with all my problems and was quick to answer my questions. thanks for the advice. I will be calling back again soon!

CALLER 1175: Great price! Great reading! The regular advisor I work with is always a pleasure to talk to because she is not only a very accurate and gifted intuitive, but she is a funny and gentle soul who knows just the right way to say what needs to be said.

CALLER 655: My psychic was very helpful with encouraging advice. She didn't tell me anything to make me panic and distressed like many other people do. She gave me the simple version which in my case and usually the best one with out all the fairy tales. Fairy tales are great when you are seven like my daughter. I need to know the truth or anything close to it. I very much enjoyed getting really good psychic advice from her.

CALLER 888: This service is the best! Always caring and accurate. 10 stars for the psychic I spoke with!!

CALLER 921: As Always to the point and right on the subject. The psychic reader that took my call directed clarity on the subjects that I was talking about, thank you so much!